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Learning the laws of wealth can be daunting. 

Wealth Builder lets you skip the 10+ years of trial and error by using proven ratio based money management formulas designed to do the heavy lifting for you.


If you spend enough time counting your losses, you start looking for a way to minimize them. Designed straight from the heart of experience, Wealth Builder is here to streamline the guess-work.

It's time to take the complexity and emotion out of money management and investing.


Never before has there been a system designed to limit risk and maximize gains, while keeping a balance between lifestyle, freedom and legacy. Wealth Builder employs TWF algorithms to put your money management and investing on autopilot. 


Our team is obsessed with the latest trends that affect our ability to create, multiply and protect wealth. We invest personally and significantly into research, analysis, risk management and strategy testing. We know what works vs. what sounds good in theory. You benefit from our experience.


WealthBuilder is designed to go where you go. It's your personal wealth bot. Our software is set up and designed to go wherever technology takes us. Who knows, pretty soon you'll have your very own WealthBuilder hologram assistant.


Finances are not easy, butWealthBuilder is. Through decades of innovation and testing, we've developed a proven system and software designed to make things more simple. Have all your Wealth Building tools in one central location, and say good-bye to stress.

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Access True Wealth Formula content. Stay in touch and register for latest updates, personalized wealth building training and coaching. Access all your client content via WealthBuilder.


  • Our proprietary Wealth Calculators have the ability to be your personal CFO. If you are unsure on your next move, the calculators will run up numbers for option A, B, and even C. 


  • WealthBuilder dashboard is setup to have the accounts that matter, all in once place. It will let you know where you stand with your goals.


  • Your financial dashboard and data integrated into our TWF System. The software is geared to be tailored for the specific individual.


  • Our like-minded community is centered on building wealth and creating legacy. Get the accountability you need to stay on the right track. 


  • Our team is keen on staying up with the latest trends that affect your ability to create, multiply and protect wealth. 


  • All your information is safe and secure in our database. Our WealthBuilder eco system is designed to keep your data secure. 

4 panel dashboard layout 

We are constantly refining and updating our app, utilizing user reviews to create the best experience and financial tool around. Here are just a couple new features added to our most recent update. 

The MOAC (Mother of all Calculators) is officially integrated into your balance sheet of saved accounts on your dashboard

You now have the ability to run future cash flow, income, and growth projections on ANY asset type

We have made improvements to the Debt Payoff module as well as a bran new Burn Down Chart on the dashboard

A brand new 4 panel Dashboard Layout for our web version of the app (PWA)

Your Personal CFO 

leap frog the personal CFA and go straight to your very own "Financial Officer". WealthBuilder Calculators are designed to run the numbers for whatever financial inquiry you have. 
Run Scenarios 
Decisions will always have to be made regarding your finances. Instead of spending the time and money it takes to bring an advisor up to speed, run the numbers through the WealthBuilder calculators and it will show you your options - without the commision. 
Know where you stand on your path to debt elimination. Set earned income and unearned income goals, track progress, wipe out debt, model what the wealthy do, build a fortress balance sheet.
Whether it's a rental property you wish to buy, or identifying key exit points and risk management ratios on a stock. The calculators are designed to run the numbers and give you the outcome of option a, b, and c. 

Calculate multiple assets at once 

Modules now show list of accounts used to calculate the totals

New and updated tutorials for each core module

Run projections on multiple asset types at once

Plot your exact financial freedom date down to the month and year

WEALTH Builder for Desktop

The WealthBuilder desktop interface is exactly how it looks on your phone. Like bigger screens? Run scenarios and numbers straight from your home desk. 

Access to True Wealth Formula Courses and Content

Never miss a beat when it comes to core financial planning and education. Keep your TWF tools and content ALL in one place.

True and Tested FOrmula

TWF is a proven system that is used to move you along the path of debt elimination, legacy building, and investment mastery of a passive, long term approach.

Redesigned Course and Coaching experience

New roadmap to personalize your wealth building experience and maximize your progress through an integrated education, community and algorithm driven platform.

Plans for everyone

Whether you're new to managing your money or a seasoned investor, we've got a plan you'll love. Choose the option that's right for you.

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